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Keiko and the Crow
Keiko and the Crow

Author, artist and photographer Judy Lane's Crooked Feather Girl Studio offers her book "Keiko and the Crow". Along with partner Robert Maughan, Jr., Judy combines text and images taken on the Pacific Northwest's Salish Sea to tell the story of her dog Keiko's interaction with a community of crows. This delightful children's book follows Keiko as he explores his favorite beach. Watch the world go by through the eyes of Crooked Feather Girl and the other crows that inhabit the shorelines and forests of one of Seattle's beautiful parks. Judy developed her mixed media collage process while illustrating the book.

Judy Lane's book is available at Wild Roses and online at:
By the Salish Sea -  Mixed Media Collage, 2011
- special moment in lives of two pair-bonded crows (digital print on canvas 16x20 available at Wild Roses and other locations)

Red-winged Blackbird Sings, Photograph,

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Crows in Fog, Photograph,